Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my pampas grass/bunny tails last?

Usually between 3-4 years if kept in optimal conditions, but I have known it to last longer. If you follow my care tips below, you’ll hopefully make it to 4+ years. If you are worried about longevity, my faux pampas lasts forever!

How do I care for my pampas grass/bunny tails?

There is no need to water your pampas grass/bunny tails, as both have been dried to increase longevity. Do not keep your pampas grass/bunny tails in direct sunlight as the pigment will fade, nor next to a radiator during the central heating season as the heat will dry the pampas grass out too much. Take your pampas grass and bunny tails outside every 6-12 months and give them a light shake to get rid of accumulated dust. If you have noticed after a period of time that your pampas grass is shedding, simply spray hairspray over the plume. I know that it’s tempting, but try to handle them as little as possible as they are delicate.

Can I trim the stems?

Yes, there is no problem in trimming them at all. The stems are really easy to cut down to whatever size you want. The faux pampas will need wire cutters to cut through the steel wire in the centre.

I’m looking for a different quantity of stems than the ones advertised – can I have a bespoke amount of stems?

Yes of course – the only exemption is that it can’t be below the minimum within the listing. For example, if the listing describes 5 stems then the minimum order is 5 stems. Please get in touch if you’d like to order a bespoke amount.

What type of vase will suit my pampas grass/bunny tails?

I have an array of different sizes of pampas grass. The ones described as ‘tall’ tend to suit a tall and lean vase. The ‘fluffy’ ones can suit a slightly wider vase as they have more volume on top. The more crucial aspect of the vase is the opening at the top (the mouth) – the wider this is, the more stems you’ll want in the vase. The stems tend to be quite straight, so obviously if you’ve got a large opening they’ll be sitting more diagonally within the vase. The bunny tails will be sent with a lot of length, and I personally think they suit being cut down. One bunch suits a small vase, and two suits a medium vase. You may be even able to divide them up into a few vases if they’re diddy.

How many stems should I order?

It really depends on the size of your vase and the look you’re going for. I’ve never heard of someone ordering too many, but have seen a few customers follow up with a second order. You’ll incur another postage charge for a second order, so I always think it’s best to go for it if you’re in doubt. Treat yourself!

Do you still make wreaths?

Yes I do – the real pampas grass one is only available for collection/pick up from specific areas though. The faux pampas grass ones can be shipped internationally.

There is so much choice – can you help me choose?

Yes of course I can – just send me a message on email, here, Instagram or Facebook and I’ll get back to you.

Do you ship outside of the UK?

Yes I do! I ship everywhere that I physically can. Please email me if you would like to put through an international order as my website can’t cater for every single country.

Can you offer a bulk discount for a wedding or event?

Yes I can. It will depend on the amount ordered, so get in touch and we can discuss options. Please do so with plenty of notice to avoid disappointment of an item becoming out of stock.