Dried Rainbow Bunny Tails


One bunch of 40 dried bunny tails stems aka Lagurus Ovatus grass, made up a mix of violet, purple, berry, flamingo pink, rose pink, turquoise, lilac pink, orange, yellow, fluorescent pink, aqua, and French blue. Perfect for a medium sized vase around the home. Each piece is about 42cm long, with each flower head 3-4cm long. Although, due to the fact that the grass is natural, the size could vary. There are 40 pieces within each bunch. Please note that the shade of the colours in the arrangement can vary from the photos and from stem to stem as it is a natural product; the shorter length bunches may also have a slight variation in colours to the main image due to using what is available, e.g. the yellow and lavender aren't as frequent

Every bunch of bunny tails is wrapped up in environmentally friendly packaging that is 100% recyclable

Ready to dispatch in: 1-5 days working days