Faux Large Vanilla Pampas Grass Stems


There are only 3 stems left of this type! Grab them while stocks last!

Faux, large vanilla pampas grass stems. They have a gorgeous wispy plume that is light and feathery. The shape is curved. They are perfect for a large vase with a narrow opening around the home, and can even be mixed with natural pampas grass. The length of each piece is about 110cm, with the stem at c.34cm. The plume is a lot fuller on the large type than the tall. Please note that the colour is light cream, but the shade can vary from the photos and stem to stem. The brown stems can be trimmed down, but there is a steel wire running through the middle, so it will require a pair of garden shears to cut through. They are made from plastic, fabric, paper and steel

Every bunch of pampas is wrapped up in environmentally friendly packaging that is 100% recyclable

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