Small Flora Vase


The small Flora vase, known as goddess of flowers and spring, stands at 12cm tall and 8cm wide. The design is white with grey/black dots, plain white, black with white dots, plain black or plain nude with grey/black dots. She has a 1.2cm wide opening, which allows stems to reach the base at 9.5cm tall plus any height above. She perfectly holds smaller dried flowers such as bunny tails. Please note, in line with the design, there are tiny markings on the vase as they are handmade out of resin

Unlike my pampas grass and bunny tails, I do accept refunds on vases but the customer has to cover the cost of return. The packaging is made out of cardboard and polystyrene. Please note that the vase comes without bunny tails nor pampas grass

Imperfect vases (last few images in photo gallery):
Nude & Dotty Short Opening £21 - opening is 4cm deep
Imperfect Nude & Dotty Blue Mark On Shoulder £21 - blue mark on left shoulder on the back
Imperfect Plain White Blue Mark & Imperfect Finish £21 - faint blue dot mark on left boob and imperfect finish on the bottom of the front of her legs 

Ready to dispatch in: 1-5 working days