Tall Ivory Fluffy Pampas Grass Stems


Ivory, tall pampas grass stems. Perfect for a large/tall vase around the home. The length of each piece is c.110cm in total, which includes the plume length of around 60-70cm which is smaller than the large size of 70-90cm. The plumes are a bit more compact in the tall size than the large. Although, due to the fact that the grass is natural, the size could vary. Please note that the colour is ivory, but the shade can vary from the photos and stem to stem as it is a natural product. If looked after correctly, it can last for many years. The plume is very delicate in nature as the stem is thin, so handle as little as possible and keep away from heat and water. Please note that there is a bleach smell up close - most customers do not notice it, but others with a strong sense of smell might. Please allow a few days for the plumes to take shape once placed in a vase after receiving them. Ideally sit them in the sunshine for a couple of days on receipt to fluff them up

Every bunch of pampas is wrapped up in environmentally friendly packaging that is 100% recyclable

Ready to dispatch in: 1-5 working days